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A bit about us.


Howzit, stop us if you’ve heard this story before:

  1. Foreigners travel to South Africa.
  2. Discover biltong.
  3. Fall in love with its meaty goodness.
  4. Return home and can't find it anywhere.
  5. Fall into a deep depression.
  6. Make their own.
  7. Sail off into the sunset on the back of an ostrich.

Well, that’s precisely what happened to us. (Minus the ostrich).

As born and bred Americans, we have no business making biltong. In fact, we’re pretty sure it violates some sort of international law. Yet, here we are. Up to our elbows in this delicate, flavorful and extremely delicious South African specialty.

If you don’t know what biltong is, we envy you. Because that means you are about to experience something truly unique, delicious, and addicting for the first time.

As a passion driven hobby, we’re not looking to retire off this venture. We just really really really really enjoy making and eating this healthy and versatile snack. Our prices are well below other biltong and jerky products on the market. 

We look forward to putting our meat in your mouth.

- The Grub Team